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Children in bus

“The LORD watches over the foreigner and sustains the fatherless and the widow....”

Psalm 146:9


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Child Sponsorship
child sponsorship

Just this year, God has given us 45 new children to care for. 32 of those children still needs sponsorship. Below are examples of 2 sibling groups that came to us this year.


4 years old


3 years old



10 years old


Sibling Group 1

Yoni, Claude, and Espoire

These siblings were dropped off at the Goshen Church in Kampala in January by neighbors who found them alone on the streets.

Life in Africa is hard, especially for children who have lost their parents.

Help us transform these lives.

HOme care
Home Care

All our children are divided into homes with house parents. The homes provide a family environment and are kept with minimal number of children so that all children will get the attention and care they need.


This past year our food expenses have increased 150% due to Covid and supply shortages. We are in need to supplement our child care costs and have funds available for emergency medical and dental, maintenance and repairs. Consider helping fund our Home Care fund.


Junior Academy

Our Goshen school serves the Kampala Ganda community


With generous donors our school has classes from preschool through to primary 7, a resource/computer lab room and a sewing room. Our sewing room is used to teach and train widows to empower them to be able to get income to support themselves and their family. 

Help us give our children a future and continued to impact the Uganda community!

Young Adult Transition
young adult transition

Support the education and career plans of our children age 16+ 

Caring for our children means more than food, clothing, and a place to sleep.  It also means creating an environment where our children become God-honoring adults who are able to care for themselves and others in the community.  Our teens have big dreams for serving God as they become independent adults. Your support means a young person will finish the necessary secondary school and college education to reach their God-given potential.


A sample of the dreams of these young people want to achieve with your help:


Help us give our children the ability to succeed as adults.

  • Medicine

  • IT security

  • Business

  • Finance

  • Aviation

  • Politics

  • Management

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