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“The LORD watches over the foreigner and sustains the fatherless and the widow....”

Psalm 146:9


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child sponsorship


10 years old

Life in Africa is hard, especially for children who have lost their parents.

Our goal is to take 3 children off of the street and bring them into the Goshen Family this year.


Help us transform these lives.

goshen missions

Join us in Uganda!


We do at least one mission trip every year.  The groups consist of anywhere between 8-15 people.  We are always looking for individuals to be part of the planning team for the next trip.  


Some sample areas of ministry during a trip include: 

• Vacation Bible School

• Women’s Conference

• Computer Training

• Improving English Skills

The next mission trip is May 2020

Interest meetings:


Goshen International Church

1520 S Melpomene Way
Tucson, AZ 85748


If you feel lead to spearhead or join any of these missions, please contact Elizabeth "Eli" Peart at


Goshen Junior Academy serves the Kampala Ganda community


The property and classroom buildings have been purchased for the school in the neighborhood of our homes and the New Goshen Church. The school has started with three “preschool” class levels, adding one class per level each year through to primary 6. We currently support the education of 55 children, 9 of these being Goshen children. 


Help us give our children a future and continued to impact the Uganda community!

Microloans program

Empowering individuals to start or develop businesses in Uganda


This year we are looking to provide loans to approved individuals to:


There will be a Board that will prayerfully approve, monitor and mentor 5-10 loans to start. A loan to start a business will be $250 USD.


Help us reflect Christ's love to the community.

  • promote a self-sustaining lifestyle

  • enhance the wellbeing of themselves and their families

  • positively impact the general community


Help us continue to develop our community center

In 2016 local church members provided initial financial support and labored to begin construction of a new community center.  

Since then, the community center has been developed and provides shelter and a place to worship, but construction is far from complete. Several projects have been identified as high priority to complete the church and your help is needed. The projects are:

Help us continue to give our children and the community a place to gather and worship.

  • An office for church pastors

  • Permanent steel beams to support the roof (to replace the temporary wooden ones)

young adult transition

Support the education and career plans of our children age 16+ 

Caring for our children means more than food, clothing, and a place to sleep.  It also means creating an environment where our children become God-honoring adults who are able to care for themselves and others in the community.  Our teens have big dreams for serving God as they become independent adults. Your support means a young person will finish the necessary secondary school and college education to reach their God-given potential.


A sample of the dreams of these young people want to achieve with your help:


Help us give our children the ability to succeed as adults.

  • Medicine

  • IT security

  • Business

  • Finance

  • Aviation

  • Politics

  • Management