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Bigimba Stays in Uganda to Keep Kids Together

So, we have reached an agreement to lease a property for one year with an upfront payment of $2400 for the year. This amount will serve as the down payment if the property is purchased. We have committed to purchase it when the government officially approves of Goshen Ministries. The remaining purchase price of $9000 will be due September 1, or whenever the approval comes after that date. Bigimba is prayerfully hopeful that the government’s official recognition of Goshen Ministries will come in the next couple of weeks, before he returns to the U.S.

The staff in Uganda are very excited to have the property. They plan to start building basic structure for starting a church in Uganda like they did so successfully in Rwanda. This will be at their expense and that of the locals. They are amazing, so committed to building the kingdom and reaching the community!

Bigimba has found it necessary to stay in Uganda into the month of May. The children have been approved for an official status that allows them to stay in Uganda. However, the government requires that Goshen either own property in order to be an approved ministry. This is necessary to have the permanent custody of our children. The houses that we rent on a month to month basis do not qualify us. We desire approval so that we can also plant churches, establish a school, provide community social and medical services, etc.

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