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Goshen Ministries International is looking for friends who are Prayers!

When I use the word “prayers” in the subject line of this email, I mean “people who pray". These are people who believe that God loves to listen and answer when they call upon Him to act!

There are times when we of Goshen Ministries recognize an extra special need to call upon God for His wisdom and intervention. So, it has occurred for us to build a special prayer team of people who are interested in receiving S.O.S. PRAYER ALERTS. Hopefully, these situations requiring special prayer will be rare, but having a team of prayers to call upon will be very important.

Here are a few examples of the kind of situations in the last ten months when prayer alerts would have gone out to such a team:

  1. October, when Interpol in Uganda investigated Goshen to be sure that we are a legitimate organization providing Christian homes for children, and not involved in child trafficking;

  2. May, when our sixteen-year-old Bienvenue came down with both typhoid and malaria at the same time and was hospitalized;

  3. July, when we had to make a major decision about starting a school, the Goshen Junior Academy, which is now scheduled to begin in January 2018.

Those of you who click on this link Count on me will receive alerts to pray about these kind of things. Such communications will not be on a regular basis. Just when it is deemed very important for us to have special prayer.

We believe that the sincere and serious prayers of God's people do make a difference.

We have experienced this to be true so many times already in Goshen's history.

Thank You!

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