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rescuing & transforming orphans

into God honoring adults that can care for themselves and others

Change a life today.

Provide children with a safe and healthy place to grow.

Help children get out of the cycle of poverty.

about goshen

Caring for Orphans

It all started with one man caring for children in Africa who have lost their parents.  We provide housing, food, clothes, education, medical care, and the love of Christ.

Small and Willing

We are a small team of volunteers caring for 100+ children. We  use your tax deductible donations towards helping the children and rely on our partner churches to cover administrative costs.

Christ Centered

Our growth and initiatives are prayerfully and faithfully considered. We mentor our children to grow in God to be able to care for themselves and others.

People in riot gear

I was thinking about the love of God and what he has in store for us. I went back again to my childhood and the challenges and obstacles I faced. My parents have passed away. I thank God for His love. He is revealing Himself through his people to show His love to us. God is growing us through others who care for us and give us food, shelter and education. We can think about how to help and serve others in the future.


I count all the days and years that you have been here for us. I never lack anything in life. Deeply, I want to thank all of you. God bless you and give you the needs of your hearts.  


Change the Future
Get Involved

if you have gifts in ministry, education, medicine or anything else you feel you'd like to contribute, visit our Intitiatives page.


When you invest in a child, you are investing in a community in need and the future. Sponsor a child or make a donation today.

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