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Going to Uganda


A GROUP OF TRAVELERS FROM TUCSON IS HEADING TO UGANDA to work with and love on our precious children! They each have different goals for the trip, but here is a sample of what they’ll be doing while they are there.

Rick Simpson – launching a micro-loan program for budding entrepreneurs and training for our house parents

Wendy Simpson – life planning and character development with the teenagers

Bigimba Ngabo – completing children home certification and vetting a preschool start-up for Goshen

Barbara Russell – focused on loving on the younger children and helping them with reading in English

Jen Greene – education and career planning with the teenagers

Also, a community-wide event for youth ages 16-25 is being planned. The event will focus on Biblical principles necessary for a fruitful life, covering topics like relationships, employment, politics, integrity, faith, education, health, & money.

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