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News: Catching You Up

Last month a BIG DECISION was made to launch a school in the neighborhood where most of our kids are living in Ganda, Uganda. In February of 2018, the Goshen Junior Academy will start with three classes of twenty students each. It will be for preschoolers and kindergartners. In addition to providing education for our own children, others in the community will also be able to attend.

Pictured below are some of our children and the school facility for which we have already secured a lease.

Jean Claude will be graduating from high school in December. Then he hopes to enter an I.T. program at a local university. His goal is to become a “white hacker” working to combat the crime in this field. Jean Claude came to the Grace House in 2007 when his mother became too ill to care for him. Goshen is his family! It has been a joy to watch him grow into a very socially confident and academically competent young man.

It is our hope to bring eight more children into Goshen homes before the end of this year, giving them opportunity to become God honoring adults able to care for themselves and others.

The New Goshen Church and Community Center in Uganda is growing, baptizing new believers every month, many of them from families with a faith tradition other than Christian! In just a year and half, Sunday attendance has doubled from 60 to 120. The building needs to have its foundation reinforced and its walls completed to protect it and the congregation from a heavy rainy season.

Can you help us?

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