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Prayers for a "Double Blessings" Answered

Great deals were found and generous donations received at the Goshen Community Yard Sale and Craft Fair!

Church partners from over 10 churches donated items for our fundraising event. Our Mission Trip Travelers collected and sorted items for weeks and all our efforts paid off. We raised over $1500 for travel expenses and about $100 for Vacation Bible School supplies. It was wonderful to see everyone come together for this event. We not only raised funds for the trip and had fun doing it, we also got our first chance to really work together as a team before we travel to Uganda together in January 2018. Anytime a group of people gather before the sun rises to support an event, you can't help but bond!

Thank you to all who helped, and a special shout out to Dave Petrash of Connections Vineyard Church for setting up early and keeping things fun and entertaining, and to Rhonda Martin of Goshen International Church for all of her organization magic!

God continues to provide. We are humbled and blessed.

Trina Petrash

Mission Trip Committee

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