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God is blessing our efforts as we have prayerfully set ambitious goals for the end of this year to move the ministry forward into 2018. Here is a progress report as of December 1: Praise to the Lord! We have raised $6400 of the $8600 needed for new Goshen Junior Academy to start the new year. The $2200 remaining will be for scholarships to help with expenses the students’ tuition payments will not cover!

We have received $600 in donations toward the $2400 of extra “back to school” expenses. The $1800 remaining needed to be raised is for our children have new uniforms and shoes, as well as registration and book fees when they start back to school in February (they're on break during December-January). Two more of our teens will begin college this January. We have set aside $1000 of the $6000 cost for them to join two other students who are already in college. So, $5000 is left to be raised for our Young Adult Transition Fund which exists to transition our teens into God honoring adults able to care for themselves and others. We are repairing and completing the construction of the Goshen Church and Community Center in Kampala which was damaged by heavy rains. Just $2176 of the $7000 goal remains to be raised.


Junior Academy $8600 $6400 74 $2200

Back to School $2400 $600 25 $1800

Young Adult Transition $6000 $1000 17 $5000

Community Center $7000 $5000 71 $2000


We are glad to report only seven of our sixty-two kids remain to be sponsored!​ Five new faces are now part of the Goshen Family!

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