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Support our initiative to build permanent Goshen owned property in Uganda​

Our leadership team voted to begin a campaign to raise $25,000 to purchase property to build our own homes for the children in Kampala. In Burundi, we owned the houses where our children lived and did not have the expense of renting. Now, since our “exodus”, we have to pay monthly rent for housing in Uganda and it is expected our current landlords will be raising the rent soon. Further, one landlord has indicated we might have to move because they feel we have “too many children".

Building costs for houses are very reasonable as compared to the United States and we can even utilize church members to keep costs to a minimum. The current plan is to build three houses on one piece of property, along with a small cosita for visiting short-term missionaries. When the project is completed, it is projected to save us nearly $18,000 a year in our monthly expenses!

Of the $25,000 we need to raise, we need $15,000 as a down payment by July to lock in a good price on a suitable plot of land. Also, we need to move quickly to purchase the land as the government has begun to pave the main dirt road near the land and property prices will increase upon its completion.​

Help us give our children permanent housing by donating HERE!

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